Ultimate Gift Giving Guide For Maintenance Teams

Author: Sara Peters | December 11, 2018 | Category: Equipment Maintenance

The holiday season is upon us. If you're still struggling to find the perfect gift for those on your maintenance team, we have some ideas for you! I talked to Crane Engineering's Service Pros to find out which tools and winter gear they like best, and what is on their wish list for this year. Here's what they said will make you the ultimate gift giver to your maintenance team!

Stainless Steel Ruler

This is an item all Service Pros keep in their shirt pockets. It's great for quick measurements on shafts and bolt diameters. Definitely a favorite.

stainless steel ruler

pocket screwdriversSmall Screwdriver with Magnet

This small tool is great for picking up metal objects with its magnet, but can also be used as a make-shift o-ring pick if necessary. One of our Service Pros noted that the magnet can even be used to turn an i-Alert1 on and off! They love that it's another tool small enough to keep in their shirt pocket so it's always accessible.

Pen Light with Magnet

Flashlights are essential for almost any maintenance job. LED flashlights come in compact sizes and provide plenty of light for the job at hand. Our Service Pros suggest giving one with a magnet so it can provide light right where it's needed, hands-free.

pen light

Pocket-Sized Notepads

These are a favorite giveaway for Crane Engineering. Our Service Pros like the fact that the ones we hand out have grid paper inside, allowing them to sketch up piping diagrams.

hard hat linerWinter Liners for Hard Hats

Are your maintenance people required to wear a hard hat and oftentimes work outdoors? You'll be a star handing out warm, comfortable hard hat liners. It's common knowledge that people lose a great deal of heat through their heads. Keep your team warm and comfortable with a winter liner.

Servus BootsServus by Honeywell Boots

One of our Service Pros was happy to show off his favorite working gear, his Servus by Honeywell winter boots. He says they're well insulated for winter, and feature a composite toe instead of steel toe so they're lighter weight.

ninja ice glovesNinja Ice Gloves

These insulated gloves are fitted, making it easy to grip and work in them. They repel water and are terry lined for warmth. Our Service Pros swear by these gloves for working outdoors.

Milwaukee Heated Vest or Jacket

heated vest

Show your maintenance team how much you love them with a Milwaukee Heated Vest or Jacket. One of our Service Pros is the envy of the team with his heated jacket. It's the item ALL of our Service Pros have on their list this year!

What are some of the items on YOUR maintenance team's wish list? Add in the comments!

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