Gorman-Rupp Releases Upgrade Kit to Combat "New Sewage" Pump Clogs

Author: Sara Peters | August 27, 2015 | Category: Technology, Wastewater Treatment

eradicator-solids-management-system-for-super-t-series-pumpsIf you're in wastewater treatment, I can pretty much guarantee the biggest pain in your neck is the "new sewage" that's clogging pumps everywhere. I'm talking about the plastic bags, stringy materials, and especially... wipes.

This type of debris in the sewage system causes all kinds of issues for wastewater operators, and it doesn't look like any amount of consumer awareness is going to change that any time soon. So as a wastewater operator, you probably need to make some changes on your end to keep the sewage flowing. 

A few months back we wrote a post titled 4 Solids Handling Technologies We Love For Tackling Rags. Gorman-Rupp just released a new technology we'd like to add to the list.

The Eradicator Solids Management System is an upgrade kit for the Gorman-Rupp Super T series. It's main function is to keep the eye of the impeller clear of debris so it doesn't clog and lose its prime.

The upgrade kit has:

  • Lightweight inspection cover for easy access to the impeller
  • Back cover plate that incorporates an obstruction-free flow path
  • Self cleaning wear plate with notches, grooves, and "teeth" that constantly clear the eye of the impeller

Here's a visual on how it works:

The Eradicator is an upgrade kit for any existing Gorman-Rupp Super T in the field, and can also be included as an option on new pumps. The kit includes everything needed to convert your current Super T to a clog free, self cleaning pump. 

Having issues with pump clogging in your wastewater treatment process? Ask us about it! We've helped many wastewater operators minimize pump clogs and gladly offer technical assistance to plants in Wisconsin and upper Michigan.

Sara Peters

Sara Peters

Sara leads Crane Engineering's blogging team, coming up with fresh stories and insights for our readers to apply to their every day work.

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