Extra Goulds Pump Parts After My Repair... That’s Cool, Right?

Author: Sara Peters | January 24, 2017 | Category: Equipment Maintenance, Pumps

Leftover Parts Are Just Proof You Made It Better

Know the feeling when you put something together and you’ve got extra parts? Did you just build it more efficiently? Or should you expect it to break soon?

We’ve seen some maintenance people make pump repairs this way. They buy Goulds Pumps parts kits to make a repair, but only use some of the parts included in the kit. Saves money right? Now you can put the parts you didn’t use back in the storeroom to use later.

I sat down with Joe Frank, Crane Engineering’s parts manager to find out why it’s so important to use all the parts that come with the kit.

Get closer to OEM standard

First off, according to Joe, when all the parts included in a Goulds Pumps parts kit are used, the repair is much closer to OEM standard. There are savings associated with doing repairs to OEM standards. Meantime between failures is extended, mechanical seal life is extended, meaning maintenance staff spends more time on actually maintaining equipment, versus all out repairs.

Every part in the parts kit has been carefully selected for the type of repair the kit is meant for. The equipment manufacturer knows, from many years of experience with their equipment, that when certain types of services need completion there are specific parts that should be replaced. For instance, every time a pump is taken apart, some items like O-rings and other soft parts should be replaced.

Keep storerooms tidy

Additionally, using only some of the parts can turn your storeroom into an inventory nightmare. Parts kits come into the storeroom under a single part number. By opening the package and returning some of the parts, technically, these single parts should be placed back into inventory now under multiple part numbers. This makes storeroom inventory even more challenging to manage.

In the video below, Parts Manager, Joe Frank, touches on why maintenance people should use all the components included in the kit.


Bottom line, just use all the parts in the kit. The repair will last longer, and save maintenance staff from repeatedly opening the pump. You’ll also no longer have to wonder, with all those extra parts, if your repair is running on borrowed time.

Not making repairs on Goulds Pumps with a parts kit? Ask us about it! Simplify repairs with all the parts in one easy kit.

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