Should You Be Using A Makedown System To Blend Your Own Chemicals?

Author: Mike Baxter | August 11, 2016 | Category: Chemicals
Many manufacturers save themselves the time and hassle of making down their own chemicals by purchasing them ready-made from their chemical supplier. But some manufacturers, like those in the paper and tissue industries, have realized a real cost savings by making down their own chemicals onsite. Could you be doing the same?
Why makedown your own chemicals?
Making down chemicals from powder seems like a daunting task to some. It certainly is more complex than just making a purchase and having it show up at the dock all ready to go. If you’re working with small amounts of chemical, then DIY probably doesn’t make sense for you.But if you’re using high volumes of chemicals, you could be realizing a tremendous amount of savings, even with the added complexity.Here are 5 reasons why you might want to consider making down chemicals for yourself:
  1. No shelf life issues – When making down your chemicals with a solids/liquids makedown system, you have the control to only make what you need.
  2. Chemicals are more efficient – When you makedown chemicals at your facility, they’re much fresher than if they’d been shipped in. Fresher chemicals are more efficient, allowing you to do more with less.
  3. Save on heating/cooling/agitation – Some chemicals require heating, cooling, or agitation to keep them in the proper form until they’re ready to use. By making just what you need, this step could be skipped.
  4. Shipping cost savings – Some pre-blended chemicals, like polymer, are mostly water when they arrive at your door. Up to 99.5% water that is. That’s a lot of money for water!
  5. Space saving – Once your tanker of 99.5% water arrives, you’ve got to have an area set aside where all that chemical can go. Conversely, if you’re making down your own chemicals, you’ll only have to find storage for a few super sacks instead.
Does a makedown system make sense for you?
To understand if a makedown system makes sense for your process, review these checks:
  • Do you use high volumes of chemicals?
  • Is the chemical you’d like to makedown originally manufactured in a dry form?
  • Is capacity available to add an extra step to your process, realizing it will be a cost savings in the end?

If you answered yes to all three of these questions, a makedown system may fit very well into your process. 

Think a makedown system might be right for your process? Ask us about it! We gladly provide technical assistance on makedown systems to businesses throughout North America.

 Start Paying Less For Chemicals, See If A Makedown System Is Right For You.

Mike Baxter

Mike Baxter

Mike Baxter is a Professional Engineer, and the National Accounts Manager for Crane Engineering. He has over 35 years of experience in chemical, pulp and paper, food and beverage, power generation, OEM, as well as water and wastewater industries. His focus is on assisting customers with fluid process needs, including pumping, filtration, mixing, and packaged skid systems.

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