My Industrial Mixer Is Noisy! What's Wrong?

Author: Jake Spence | May 3, 2016 | Category: Mixing

Cleveland Mixer - Top Entry MixerA noisy industrial mixer is usually not a healthy mixer. If you’re hearing abnormal noises coming from your mixer, there is probably a larger underlying issue. Let’s go over a few common culprits and their respective fixes.

Loose Foundation Bolts

Mixer foundation bolts should not be vibrating, shaking, or visibly loose. If they are, you might have a weak mounting structure or loose hold down bolts. To fix this, first inspect the mounting point of the reducer. If you find loose bolts, tighten them as necessary. Otherwise you might have an unstable mounting structure that needs to be reinforced.

Bearing Failure

If you can’t find any loose bolts or a problem with the mounting structure, you should check your bearings. Bearing failure can occur when the bearing is overloaded or isn’t getting enough lubricant.

Check the rated capacity of the reducer and make sure you’re not overworking the bearing. If the capacity is in check, you might need to replace the bearing. When the bearing is replaced, be sure to clean and flush the reducer and fill with recommended lubricant.

Insufficient Lubrication

If the level of lubricant inside the reducer is not properly maintained, your industrial mixer will make noise. It is important that the mixer itself is sufficiently lubricated. Be sure to check the lubrication level and adjust to recommended level.

It is also important that the correct lubrication is used. If the wrong lubrication is being used, flush it out and refill it with the correct lubricant as recommended.

Noise is your industrial mixer’s way of telling you something is wrong. Pay attention to its subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) queues, to correct the issues and ensure your mixer gives your process the best mix for a long time to come.

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Jake Spence

Jake Spence

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