VIDEO: ITT i-Alert2 - Beyond Condition Monitoring

Author: Sara Peters | May 3, 2016 | Category: Pumps

You've probably already heard about all the condition monitoring power that comes with ITT's i-Alert2, but the additional ways it helps maintenance people save time haven't been realized as readily. So we put together a quick video to show you some of the functionality that can help you save a ton of time.


By now you've probably already seen or heard about the new i-Alert2 from ITT. You probably already know that it's a great tool for monitoring the condition of your Goulds Pumps. But didyou know that it also contains a wealth of information about your Goulds Pump and it can order parts on the fly?

When you set up your i-Alert 2, it takes the serial number and matches it up to Goulds records to provide you with details like casing and impeller material, impeller diameter, and other equipment details.

You also have quick access to the pump's curve to troubleshoot any problems right at the pump. No need to search for it. 

Need to order parts? It's as easy as selecting what you need from the list, and emailing it directly to your local Goulds Pumps distributor. 

ITT and Goulds Pumps are bringing pump maintenance into today's connected workplace. Request a demonstration on our website.

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Sara Peters

Sara Peters

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