Why Industrial Floor Coatings Means Happier Forklift Drivers

Author: Tom Soderlund | August 4, 2016 | Category: Corrosion Resistance

Forklifts are not luxury vehicles. They don’t have back massaging seats, nor do they have the suspension to absorb bumps and cracks in concrete. As a result, at the end of a long shift, forklift drivers leave work with tired, sore backs. Not exactly the way one wants to finish a day. However, something can be done to ease the pain and make your forklift drivers much happier.

Heavy forklift traffic is hard on concrete floors, especially in areas like loading docks and aisleways. The traffic erodes concrete and breaks down especially at floor joints. Weak spots in the concrete can also develop, causing pot holes to open up.

Not only does the rough ride take its toll on forklift drivers, bumps and cracks also open up opportunity for loads to shift and fall, potentially causing product losses.

How To Fix The Problem For Good

You have a couple of choices.

Patch the damaged areas: This is a quick and easy fix to the problem. Patches, when done right, will last for an extended period of time, and give your forklift drivers the relief they need.

Epoxy-Coated-Floor.jpgApply a coating to the entire area: This solution allows you to not only repair the damaged spots, but also prevent further damage from occurring throughout the area.

As far as material goes, in our experience we’ve found a standard 3 component epoxy mortar, trowel applied at a minimum of ¼” is best. It’s solid enough to stand up to some of the highest fork lift traffic, provides a very smooth ride for forklift drivers, and requires minimal maintenance.

If you have concrete floors that are starting to show signs of wear, ask your forklift drivers which areas cause them the most trouble. Whether it’s an area that causes discomfort, or a watch out area for product loss, it’s something you can easily address with a simple industrial floor coating solution.

Concrete erosion becoming a real pain? Ask us about it! We gladly provide technical assistance to businesses and municipalities in Wisconsin, upper Michigan, and surrounding areas.

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Tom Soderlund

Tom Soderlund

Tom is a Senior Account Manager for the Corrosion Resistant Products unit at Crane Engineering. His customers rely on him to not only select the correct coating system for their projects, but to also handle the turnkey installation. Tom specializes in sanitary and general industry applications.

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