2017 Crane Engineering Employee Core Value Awards

Author: Jake Spence | January 31, 2018 | Category: News

We're back with our latest value award winners! With more than 60 nominations, we had a very large pool of nominees to select from. 2017 was a great year for Crane Engineering and we want to recognize some of our employees for displaying the values we live by.

Crane Engineering demonstrates the following values:

  • Integrity & Respect
  • Teamwork
  • Customer Focus
  • Excellence & Innovation
  • Passion & Energy
  • Have Fun!

Each year, employees nominate fellow co-workers who they feel best exemplify the core values above. The nominees are then narrowed down until one employee is chosen for each category. It's been a Crane Engineering tradition for more than 10 years to announce the winners at the company holiday party. This year Lance Crane presented awards during the party at the Timber Rattlers stadium on January 26, 2017. The winners were as follows:


John WitekIntegrity & Respect

John Witek

Work with the highest ethical standards, interact openly and directly, honor our commitments and value diversity of styles, roles and perspectives.


Chris Johnson
Teamwork (2 winners!)

Chris Johnson

Actively collaborate with others to solve problems and create opportunities... devote ourselves to the team's and others' success.


Matt Brandt

Teamwork (2 winners!)

Matt Brandt

Actively collaborate with others to solve problems and create opportunities... devote ourselves to the team's and others' success.


Adrian Gay
Customer Focus

Adrian Gay

Make customers the starting point for everything we do. Understanding what they want and expect from us will enable us to earn their loyalty.


Rick OgleExcellence & Innovation

Rick Ogle

Continuously elevate our expertise and knowledge to strengthen our competitive advantage; and always look for ways to apply breakthrough ideas.


Keri BauerPassion & Energy

Keri Bauer

Bring passion and energy to our work so that we are "energy givers", enabling us to own and pursue objectives in spite of obstacles and adversity.


Tom SchroederHave Fun!

Tom Schroeder

Enjoy what we do and have fun with each other - celebrate a job well done... "25% more fun".


Megan Teeter
212 Award

Megan Teeter

212°F is when water begins to boil... this award is for an employee who is ON FIRE! Someone who embodies all of our core values and has made incredible contributions to the team's success.

 If you're interested in joining this awesome team, see if we've got any openings!


Jake Spence

Jake Spence

Jake is a member of the blogging team at Crane Engineering. He likes to get out in the field and talk to customers about how they've overcome challenges in their facilities, then write case studies to share with others who may face the same challenges.

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