Keeping Workers Safe With Smarter Industrial Flooring

Author: Morgan Falck | November 1, 2016 | Category: Corrosion Resistance

“Safety First!” is a mantra that many businesses take very seriously. Ensuring that your employees are in a safe environment not only prevents on the job injuries, but also helps facilities run more efficiently. When considering what safety measures to put in place, start from the ground up. 

 Help employees stay ahead of job related injuries by preventing slips, trips, and falls with smarter industrial flooring choices.

What Are Some Smart Options?


Generally, it's a good idea to start with non-slip flooring. Non-slip flooring allows employees to move faster and more freely, especially when they know they don't have to be as cautious about their footing as they would on a completely smooth surface. 

Line Striping

Another way to help ensure a safer work place is using line striping to designate areas for different purposes. This is common with companies who have implemented 5S standards. Clearly assign walking, working, and loading areas allows employees and guests to see safe, and dangerous areas. 

Smooth Over Cracks

The condition of flooring affects the comfort level of your forklift drivers. Consider patching over cracks and damaged concrete in the path of forklifts. 

Forklifts do not have suspensions that absorb bumps in concrete, causing some drivers to leave work with sore backs. Helping ensure that your employees are comfortable on the job, will certainly keep your drivers happier. Read more about how flooring can create happier forklift drivers in our recent post.

If you've noticed areas that are potential hazards, get them fixed right away. It's also a good idea to periodically check with your forklift drivers and employees to see if they've noticed areas that are becoming trouble spots. Then talk with a coating expert to discuss your options. 

Concrete erosion becoming a real pain? Ask us about it! We gladly provide technical assistance to businesses and municipalities in Wisconsin, upper Michigan, and surrounding areas.

Protect Worker Safety With Concrete Repair

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