3 Packaged Pump Systems To Consider For Water and Wastewater Treatment

Author: Sara Peters | June 30, 2015 | Category: Pumps, Wastewater Treatment

 Pre-packaged pumping systems serve a wide variety of purposes in the municipal space. Some are used to increase water pressure, or maintain a repeatable result with chemical treatment, while others may be in place to simplify maintenance or enhance safety. No matter what the reason, pumping systems have a place in many of today's water and wastewater treatment facilities. Read on to see if one of these systems might have a place in your process.


  • Single-source responsibility
    • By leaving the design/build function to one source, an operator can breathe easy knowing that one entity is responsible from start to finish.
  • Reduced footprint
    • By condensing pumps, valves, and controls into one pre-packaged system, the space required for the equipment is decreased.
  • Reduced costs
    • The initial cost of a pre-packaged system can be down-right scary! But, the time spent sourcing and installing all of the equipment found in a pre-packaged system (pumps, valves, piping, and controls) on your own is the most disregarded factor when comparing costs. What's your time worth?
  • Simplified installation
    • All pre-packaged systems are "plug n' play", meaning they arrive on the dock, ready to be installed with a minimal number of connections required. 

Now that we've covered the benefits of pre-packaged systems, let's dive into some examples of pre-packaged systems commonly found in water and wastewater applications.


A lift station is designed to move wastewater from lower to higher elevation when gravity conveyance is not feasible. A pre-packaged lift station consists of pumps, piping, valves, associated controls, which are all pre-installed in an enclosed structure prior to site installation.

The Gorman Rupp Above-Ground Submersible Valve Package (ASVP) system, pictured to the right, is an example of a pre-packaged lift station. This system consists of controls and valves enclosed by a durable fiberglass structure that is installed above groundThis feature eliminates the need for a separate valve pit and also improves worker safety by completely eliminating the need for service personnel to enter hazardous, confined spaces. Jackpot!


If the water pressure provided by a municipal water system (potable water - for drinking) is not sufficient enough to satisfy the needs of end-users, municipalities can install a system designed to automatically increase and decrease the number of pumps in use to help maintain constant pressure over a wide range of flow conditions. Water pressure booster systems generally include multiple pumps on a single structural steel fabrication with electronic controls, wiring, piping, valves and safety devices. The Grundfos BoosterpaQ system is a common solution for this (pictured to the right). 

Now, if you're in wastewater treatment, you might be interested in using non-potable water (water that is not for drinking) to keep up with demand of the treatment process. Non-potable water can be attained from the final effluent of the plant through water reuse systems, which is a form of water pressure booster system.


Pre-packaged chemical feed systems are used in water and wastewater treatment applications. Where a chemical feed pump is installed, a pre-packaged chemical feed system, complete with pumps, valves, and controls for system functionality can take its place. These systems are designed from the ground-up meaning the system is custom fit to your application.   

Whether you're looking to dispense chemicals for water treatment, reuse wastewater, or boost water pressure there's a turnkey, pre-packaged system for you. But, be sure to leave the system design and manufacturing to the professionals who have the knowledge, software, and expertise, and most importantly, the time, to create a system for your needs. Read more about the 4 Benefits of Outsourcing Pump Packages on our blog! 

If you're dealing with an application that would benefit from a pre-packaged system, ask us about it! We're happy to provide technical assistance to organizations in Wisconsin and upper Michigan.

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