Crane Engineering's Oystra™ Status Update

by cranemarketing on February 13, 2019

It is hard to believe 3 months ago, we were in Beijing at the Reinvented Toilet Expo! When the Crane team arrived in Beijing, we had just completed our first round of septage trials with the first-of-a-kind Oystra™ prototype. In January, the foundation reviewed our overwhelmingly positive results at our second Critical Design Review.
The Oystra™ 2.0 full-scale unit processed 754m3 of septage from a local septage receiving station in 76 hours of processing time. This is equivalent to 188 Asian 4m3 vacuum trucks! The water quality met the foundation requirements and is summarized below:

  BOD COD E Coli TSS pH Turbidity
mg/L mg/L MPN/100 mls mg/L   NTU
Oystra-White 109 275 320 0 6.8 37
Oystra-Gold 13 16 1.3 0 6.5 1.1
Oystra-Blue Potable (COMING SOON!)

The Oystra™ team has filed two patent applications with more coming! Oystra™ 2.0 is undergoing some minor revisions in preparation for the second round of testing in Wisconsin. After the Wisconsin testing is complete, prototype testing will commence in Seattle, Washington to test higher solids septage and provide an opportunity for potential partners to see Oystra™ in action.
The US testing will prepare the technology for foreign field-testing planned for Dakar, Senegal with partners we met at the Reinvented Toilet Expo!

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