4 Reasons Not To Go It Alone With Process Skid Systems

Author: Lane Pittner | May 14, 2019 | Category: Pumps



Packaged pumping systems are becoming the solution of choice for many manufacturers.  Instead of installing a component-based pumping system, companies are looking for compact, pre-engineered skid systems that solve their manufacturing challenges.

From process control to quality issues and improved operating efficiency, there is always a pump package solution.  Pressure boosting, temperature control, mixing and blending, precision metering, and contamination removal are common process applications done with pre-packaged skid systems.  Before committing to building your own system, consider how outsourcing could save time and resources you don’t have to spare.


The ability to outsource a turn-key solution to one company can take a load off your plate.
Even a small system will include the oversight of mechanical and electrical designers, procurement of many different components, drawings and documentation, and the coordination of several trades from within maintenance and operations or from outside resources.

optiflow-turbowash-skid-systemSIMPLIFIED INSTALLATION

The beauty of skidded systems is that they’re designed to be plug and play. Quality skidded systems arrive on the dock ready to install with a minimal number of connections required outside of the system. Experienced skid system manufacturers know how to minimize work required on site to deliver the easiest setup possible.

Experienced skid system manufacturers will also ensure the system works before it arrives at your door. They should put the system through a series of tests to confirm there are no leaks, the motors are turning in the right direction, programming is de-bugged, valves are adjusted, etc.  When manufacturers do this on the front end, it greatly reduces the amount of time your employees have to spend on set up and testing before the start-up.


When you piece together your own system, who do you turn to if things don’t work? Service issues can turn into a finger-pointing nightmare between vendors. Leave it all to one source so issues are resolved faster, getting you up and running on time.  


optiflow-resout-skid-systemHere’s where people tend to get short-sighted. Imagine a scenario where a company needs to meter a chemical into their process. They look at the cost of a pump, motor, variable frequency drive, and flow meter – then compare to the price of a complete system. Of course, the price of a complete system is more, and they decide they’re best off doing the construction themselves. However, they did not factor other crucial elements into their pricing. When adding in all the other components that are part of the package (valves, gauges, piping, fusing, disconnects, controllers, assembly, testing, etc.), a pre-packaged system is a bargain. Time and resources are the most disregarded cost factors of all. What are your time and resources worth?

Process skid systems can offer additional value and help to reduce overall costs if done correctly. With a shortage of resources and time, it’s in your best interest to do what you do best. Leave the package pumping system manufacturing and design to those who have the supplier relationships, fluid process equipment, controls expertise, software, and staff to deliver a worry-free, turnkey system.

Need a packed skid system but not sure where to start? Ask us about it! We have experience designing and building custom skid systems for many manufacturing and water treatment applications.

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Lane Pittner

Lane Pittner

Lane is the Engineering Manager for the OptiFlow systems group. He has over 23 years of experience in pulp and paper and general industries.

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